Motivation journal entry

The theory I have chosen and the one I believe is the best to motivate me is Maslow's theory. The reason this theory is the one I chose is that it is the one I believe in the most and the one which makes the most sense when looking at my and other humans' psychology. I strongly believe that what Maslow says in his theory that humans must meet certain needs in order to progress is true, it is something I see within myself and something I can notice from others. Something which has motivated me in the past to do my CAS project is my fear to fail the expectations I have of myself and other people of me. When doing things that involve the community and other people around me I have fear failing them and not meeting their expectations of me so I try to motivate myself to get the work done so I don't feel like I failed the people involved. A way teachers can use Maslow's theory to motivate people is through esteem needs (in this case rewards, praising when they do something good, making competitions for certain things to motivate people to be better, and more). Another way they can motivate students is through psychological needs (in this case the school can create a free/study hall where students are able to work but also explore different interests and distractions, the school should make a comfortable and relaxed area where students are able to clear their head or rest, they could also create snacks or shrink bar or add wedding machines with a range of different types of drinks and food). This theory can help me in CAS through esteem needs, feeling like I accomplished something and done things well is something I have realized motivates me a lot and the reason I could use this theory for CAS.

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