Motivation Journal Entry

The theory of motivation that best resonated with me, and my CAS project, is Herzberg’s theory of motivation. This theory is based on two essential factors which help motivate people in the workplace, hygiene and motivational factors. I think this theory best motivates me because it focuses on both the basic needs, and then the ability to expand and grow once you are comfortable. Personally, I need to feel secure, healthy, and happy in order to really work hard and feel accomplished. Then, that feeling of accomplishment and productivity drives me to further my abilities through psychological growth and improve my performance. What generally motivates me in CAS is the feeling of accomplishment, I want to say that I worked hard, and that it paid off. I genuinely want to make some sort of difference in the community, and this is the class that allows me to do it. Through my project different people and circumstances have motivated me. In the beginning, and still, when we were having trouble with stability and growth I focused on not letting down my team, but more importantly the community vendors that depend on and enjoy the Feria. My project has been challenging, but that is something that drives me to work hard as well. If it isn’t hard, there is little motivation to improve it. In the classroom, I think my teachers already use this framework to try and motivate students. What I find helpful and motivational is when I am given a good fair grade for my hard work. The idea of recognition and being appreciated for challenging work is the best thing that keeps me going. Although, one of the biggest challenges I have encountered with this is the idea of fairness, and evenness. It is super demotivating to me when for example a homework assignment is given out and only a few people do it, yet the ones who don't, don’t receive a repercussion. I personally will still have a good grade whether or not they do their work, but I feel quite bothered when I put in more effort and work and others don’t receive any sort of punishment for it. Specifically in my CAS project, I am going to use this theory to try and motivate the rest of my team! There is a sense of motivation when we all meet together and talk about ideas we have to grow the Feria, but once everyone goes their separate ways it is hard to keep that feeling going. Using the factors of motivation such as job enlargement, enrichment, and empowerment, I want to not only motivate my team but also myself, the community and the students at La Paz. Herzberg mentions that motivation is something that happens when people WANT to do something, which is why it is important to remember the foundation of the Feria, and what the ultimate goal is.

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