Motivational theories – June 12, 2022

For my motivational theories I decided on are Herzberg's theory of motivation and Daniel Pink’s. The reason I chose Herzberg’s theory is that it addresses the basic necessities needed that don't necessarily motivate but are needed for motivation to occur. His hygiene factors address basic necessities that a working environment needs. In the context of our high school that may include good peer and teacher relationships, an organized and clean teaching environment, and benefits such as the IB privileges. To me, these factors are crucial to the success of my achievements. On the other hand, his motivational factors are ones that I relate personally to and play a crucial role in my motivation. Recognition from teachers, parents, or classmates when I get a good grade or do something amazing motivates me to keep trying hard. Having a sense of achievement and advancement encourages me to work harder. Additionally having responsibility and challenging tasks keeps me motivated because I feel in charge of my own success therefore I need to prove myself. Having tasks that keep me moving instead of simple jobs that I've done many times and don't see the purpose in is when my motivation falls. This is where the connection to Daniel Pinks's theory comes in. Daniel Pink talks about having purpose, autonomy, and mastery, but instead of specialization on an assembly line, he believes that mastery in an area that the individual enjoys will motivate them more. I personally can relate to this through both CAS and school. Being able to choose my team for projects encourages me to do better because I am working with people I either have a good relationship with or I know how to work well with and won't be pressured to do all the work. This is seen in my CAS project. When CAS first started I choose to work with two of my classmates that have similar interests, academic drive, and purpose. Therefore, they continue to push and motivate me in an area that I enjoy (autonomy and mastery). Another example is that my CAS project is based on my interest in the arts and dance. Having a topic that I am excited about keeps me wanting to move forward. I am no longer completing assignments because it is a requirement but because part of me wants to. I think a way my teachers can use these motivational theories is by constantly finding new and creative ways to teach and evaluate the students. Instead of having us take notes from a slides presentation every class, having us perform tasks that make us move around and use our own hands to learn not only allows us to learn the material better but also motivates us to learn because we are given challenging and different tasks. Giving private or public acknowledgment or compliments to students when they complete an assignment or test well that is not in the form of a grade. Simply pointing out the effort they put into the job, or acknowledging how difficult their current situation is will provide a sense of accomplishment that will motivate them more. Additionally on a more personal level having a constant environment that is organized and clean will motivate me. Walking into a room that is arranged differently every time (Sociales room) and is constantly dirty with paper on the tables, utilities in the wrong spot, or broken AC messes up with my basic necessities that provide the foundation for my motivation. All of this can relate to my CAS project because this trimester I have been procrastinating and suspending my CAS activities because they are boring. Last trimester I was able to do hands-on activities that motivated and challenged me. However, this trimester's focus has been on the logistics for the stage so my attention and commitment to the project fell. I wrote emails and planned meetings that was very boring and unpleasant. A way I plan on improving my motivation is by planning a dance camp this summer that will allow me to interact with community members and reintroduce aspects of my project that drove my success.

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