Movie Night

Isa and I partnered up with our classmates to organize a movie night for the younger kids at our school. We organized this event to raise money for buying fidget toys and we split the profits at the end. There were a lot of things we had to plan for like food, location, activities, making sure we didn't heighten the chance of these kids getting or spreading COVID, and telling people about it. We learned a lot about organizing and planning an event on our own since we hadn't organized something like this before. We raised around 200 dollars and are excited to be able to use it to provide materials for other students. Our goal from now on is to work on buying helpful fidget toys and anything else the B.E.S.T. team will need. The event ran smoothly, we had almost 30 kids show up. We ran out of pizza towards the end which is something we will have to keep in mind for future reference since some kids were hungry. Before the movie, the kids all participated in arts and crafts, we had face painting, coloring books, and drawing. All in all the event was very fun and I had some kids asking if we can organize another one. I learned a lot about actually organizing and being in charge of an event of this size.

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