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Singing has always been my passion. Ever since I was a kid I was always attracted to music. My dad would always take out his guitar and play for me and for my siblings. From then my life has always been about music. Around 3 years ago I began taking singing lessons, this was a huge step in my life. Taking singing lessons opened my eyes to a new world of music I had never seen before. I started working more on my respiration methods in order to sing better and how to correctly use my diaphragm. Music itself helps me calm down, it reduces my stress and anxiety; overall it makes me a better person. I never understood how important music was in my life until the last two years. Lately I’ve been missing my vocal lessons and I’ve been enjoying singing with my dad at home. Singing at home has helped me discover new strategies of singing as well as singing while my dad and brother play the guitar and drums. I have learned to use singing as a coping mechanism whenever I'm stressed about school or my social life, and to connect with my peers.  On the other hand, singing has also helped me connect more with my family since I am constantly talking with my dad about new methods and strategies to improve our singing together. For many years my dad and I could never manage to sing together since we had different music tastes but we have both learned to understand each other's likings and find music in common.  I am very grateful to share my singing to others, for many years I was shy to sing in front of anyone but with the constant encouragement of others and learning to be proud of my own talents I have managed to be more confident in myself.

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