This summer when we stayed with my dad we all vowed that we would use the least amount of plastic possible, this meant no water bottles, no ziplock bags and no products that came with excess plastic. In the beginning this was a little challenging for us because we are such a big family that would normally use a larger amount amount of plastic. We began with completely stopping to buy water bottles that were not reusable, then we started to stop buying fruits and veggies that came with lots of plastic and eventually we stopped using ziplock bags completely to carry our snacks. Although this is nothing huge, it does help make a difference and made us overall more conscious human beings.

Once we were able to see how we cut out plastic it became so shocking to us how much plastic other were using so we decided that it was our job to pick up the plastic we found at the beaches and lakes. Picking up cigarette buds, straws, plastic wrap, bottles caps, and more was crazy because even taking 5 minutes out of your stay at the beach you would pick up such large amounts of plastic. Doing this day by day made the think about how if everyone did the same we would be able to completely clear our beaches from plastic. Not using plastic waste this summer taught me many lessons about our abuse of plastic and how its ruining our home.

This vacation I also worked on my C.A.S project, Proyecto Vida de Mujer. It was a little difficult for me to find the time to because I was busy with school for two weeks during vacation and then I never had a computer or a phone to access wifi or even service. That being said I did still get my work done with the help of my dads phone and Sibley. I made an outline of step by step what happens on the day of insertion that way we can show other non profits and so it would help Geneva manage the next insertions. I also had to edit the presentation which was a little more difficult for me because I had to go find locations where I could access service and do it off of a phone. Completing the presentation was the most difficult aspect for me. Lastly I called over 35 women for 15 minutes each to interview them about their experience with an IUD. For me this was the best part of my work because I really did enjoy speaking with these women and hearing about their lives and how my C.A.S project truly impacted their loves in a positive way.

Overall this vacations work on my C.A.S project did come with some challenges but we overcame them and made sure everything worked out.

Created By: Alexa Toman, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: IUD PROJECT

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