My CCP club Planning

CCP stands for College and Career Preparation. During this class I have learned more about myself and what I want to do after high school so I have been able to focus on investigating possible paths for my future. Besides looking into college options, we started learning about resumes and the application process. To improve our skills and make us better well rounded students, as part of CCP we had to create our own clubs. Initially, I wanted to create my own surfing club, and I had a really solid plan for it, here were my main ideas: 


Create a healthy environment for students to practice the sport

Motivate students to improve their technique and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Create a surf team to represent La Paz

Strengthen relationship with the ocean and motivate students to care for the environment and raise awareness about it to the general community and the world


Inspire a healthy lifestyle surfing and motivating students to practice a sport and build a close relationship with the ocean

Through creating this connection with the ocean, raise awareness about the importance of the ocean y raise awareness about the impact of plastics on the environment

Highlight the importance of stretching before surfing (which is something I need to work on as well)


Surf during the weekends together, at different beaches 

Meet on Fridays at lunch to plan surf session (look at different reports, analyze timing, tides, swell, and plan transportation there)

Plan surf trips to Witches rock or places farther away (requires funding)

Watch WSL events together to analyze techniques from the professionals

Create a stretching routine for before a session

Make healthy recipes for snacks that are good before or after a session to last longer in the water and have more energy

Compete at events such as the School tag team events, SunBum crown, Circuito Nacional or Circuito Guanacasteco (needs funding)


Required for financing surf trips and competitions

By setting up places where people can donate money

Events such as a surf contest run by us, so then we can compete in the other events

Raffles for cool prizes people will actually want to buy

Ask for local businesses to sponsor us 

Campaigns to promote environmental issues and hopefully receive donations

Life doesn’t always work in the direction we want to, and that is okay, and that is something I have to work on understanding and compromising or adapting with it. I wasn’t able to create this club because sadly I didn’t have enough classmates to join me to form it, so I had to join another group. This was a good experience for me because I had to deal with not being able to do something I really wanted to, so I had to find a solution. I joined my classmates Sibley and Alexa to create the Emotional Support Club, in which we will meet every other week on Tuesday, and help benefit the mental health of teens so they can relieve stress and have a clear mind in order to focus on more important parts of their life and be better students and individuals. Planning this club has been a good experience because we had to put together activities and plan logistics to carry it out, so it will help us prepare for the future and be able to effectively plan events. The activities we will be doing will benefit myself too because as an IB student it is hard to balance so much work load with other parts of life so this emotional support will help all of us manage our own issues and be able to move past them to focus on what is more important and positive. We will learn a lot about ourselves and also be able to help others and make us more empathetic individuals that will be able to relate and communicate with others more efficiently in the future which are all important skills. Overall, the clubs will help us develop and practice skills that we will need in our lives and I will be updating how the club meetings go. 

Learning outcomes: Plan & Initiate, Commitment and Perseverance, Working Collaboratively

Learner profiles: Caring, Communicator, Principled, Balanced, Knowledgeable, Reflective, Thinker 

Created By: Rochelle, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Save the mangrove

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