My Path

For my path I had five potential questions. They were the following. How do you want to help empower women in your community? How can we use birth control to empower your community?  How can we give women the power to make their own sexual choices? Can you help us reforme the stereotypes related to women’s health? Are you ready to empower the women in your community? I decided to go with the last question because I feel as though it helps encourage others to think about the issue of empowering women which is the main goal of our project. As well as beginning a conversation about how people can empower those around them. Another reason why I chose this question is because when I read it I personally feel empowered to work hard and continue inspiring those around me to do the same. I am anticipating that people around the globe see this question and look into their community and try and help empower women. This can happen in a multitude of ways from IUD’s to equal pay. I want to not only help start the conversation but facilitate the change. For my project I will continue helping not only with the calls and the insertion days but I hope to help amreth the project in order to encourage more women to be a part of it and to spread the word. 


Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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