New trimester goals and plans!

SMART GOAL #1(for the month)

SPECIFIC: Create a professional and engaging powerpoint presentation and small script of my presentation for CAS night 

MEASURABLE: it’s measurable as I can track my progress and have accomplished it once I finished the presentation, and script

ATTAINABLE: Have over 2 weeks to complete it, already have the main ideas. 

RELEVANT: Being part of the CAS night event and effectively promoting my project is necessary for the long term objective of getting a grant through the CAS fund, which will be expanded through the event, in order to organize a fixing campaign for our community. 

TIME BASED: I’m setting a deadline to have it completed by the third weekend of october 


SMART GOAL #2 (for the month)

SPECIFIC: Rescue a family of street cats from huacas, neuter the mom and find them an adoptive family 

MEASURABLE : I will have achieved it once the cats have been adopted 

ATTAINABLE: I know I will be able to access them because a classmate lives by them and said she would help me find them, baby cats are constantly adopted so finding a family won’t be that difficult and I can count on the vet to also keep them there in case I can’t find someone that will adopt them. Regarding the mom for whom finding a family is more difficult she can always find a permanent home at the shelter, where adult cats are taken in and allowed to freely live within the large green space. I also have support from another classmate who is willing to take the baby cats in as fosters while I find them a long term home so they feel comfortable around people and don’t have to stay in a cage. 

RELEVANT: These cats were on the street in much need and danger. They would also continue to contribute to the issue of overpopulation if not taken in and neutered. 

TIME BASED: I’m setting a deadline to pick them up by the first weekend of october and then get them adopted in a month maximum. 


SMART GOAL #3 (for the trimester)  

SPECIFIC- Apply for 2000$ to fund and help organize a neutering campaign with the local Cavallini vet, that will fix around 100 animals  

MEASURABLE – I can track my progress, various stages to accomplish ,overall the first stage is receiving the grant, then communicating and organizing the campaign with the Vet, and then I will have accomplished it once the campaign takes place. 

ATTAINABLE- It’s attainable as I don’t have to fundraise the money individually, through an event as I previously did which takes a lot of time and effort, rather just apply for a grant. The current CAS fund, set up by Ms Amy, our teacher that will grow after the CAS/anchor night, already has over 2 thousand dollars donated prior to any event. I have also received a good amount of certainty from her that I will be able to apply and get those 2000 dollars. 

Furthermore I’m organizing this through the Cavallini vet who already has a lot of experience organizing campaigns, who will guide me through the process. 

RELEVANT- It’s a great way to conclude my project, as I’ll be able to reach and aid a large amount of animals while helping to address a root problem of animal suffering within our community which is overpopulation. 

 TIME BASED- Apply and receive money by november and organize campaign by the end of december. 


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