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The Feria has taught me how to keep commitment and perseverance to a project like none other. There have been obvious ups and downs throughout the whole experience, but with some reflection it makes me really happy to look back on it and realize the work I have put in. I struggled in the beginning with my time management and how to prioritize all my school work with the Feria, because in the end, the Feria has the ability to take up my whole attention span. There is always more room for improvement and new ideas to try, which is why it's also a project which helps set boundaries. Coming up with ways to promote the Feria has also been difficult, and working with a group of parents who have the same interest and passion has helped that. Whenever I meet with the whole group there is such a renewed sense of passion and motivation which can easily get forgotten in day to day life. Making the Feria as successful as it was before Covid is one of the biggest challenges I have faced. Creativity and innovation are what we’ve needed in order to succeed, and I think we have for sure seen those improvements. It has sort of felt like starting over from scratch, with finding that sense of community and the vendors/customers who are truly committed and excited about this project. Working withnTatiana and the scholarship kids has given the Feria a new purpose, and more recently the switch in dynamics from large scale vendors and community members to our La Paz community will for sure have a great effect. In the following trimester I hope to work with this team in order to promote the Feria to our La Paz families and students as a reminder about the mission of our school, which is community. I hope to get the Feria to a place where it can continue to live on in the following years and stay a part of the La Paz tradition.

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