Next Steps

For this week I have been reflecting on the CEPIA project and have decided that I should continue to help just while we figure out our definite next steps for our project. We have started our feasibility study for the stage and were communications by communicating to Mr. Abel to set up an interview. Competition is just around the corner and the showcase is next weekend so we have been putting a lot of extra time working with the kids and the studio to be prepared. Our next step would be to have the interview define if the stage project is feasible and prepare for competition. Our project right now needs a lot of time, energy, commitment, involvement, and engagement to be able to set a pace and give it momentum. A challenge this week was not having Alexa at our class and not being able to talk about and work out our plans directly or hear from her what she wants to do next because I know she is having a hard time teaching almost every Saturday morning.

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