Next steps Journal entry

CAS is an ongoing experience, and I feel like every time I work on it I learn or notice something new and different. Lately, though, I haven't been motivated and where I need to be in order to give my project the attention it needs for it to “grow and flourish”. To fix this i’m going to start checking up on my project more frequently, working on the website more, and trying to finalize everything soon so we can start marketing it intensively. Something Dani and I have communicated a little bit about is the possibility of making an app for safeguanataxi next year, I believe this would be great because I know for a fact that it would bring much more people if it was just easily accessible with 2 clicks on their phone. I’m excited Dani and I may have the opportunity to do this because it establishes a future for safeguanataxi, a future for us, and a future for the possible following generations. To make sure the future of safeguanataxi is ensured, I am going to make sure I make the best decisions for the project, I give it the most dedication possible, and I pass it down to someone that I will care for the project as much as Dani and I do.

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