NEXT STEPS journal entry

Since CAS is a fully independent project in which you don’t have a teacher giving you the assignments as I’ve progressed into the project I’ve come up with my own system to make sure I stay on track and ensure I get to everything I need to do for my project to turn out the way I envision. By this I mean I’m constantly creating schedules for my project and making to do lists. This allows me to ensure i’ll get key aspects done in time and that I stay consistent, because it’s very easy to push CAS work aside especially when i’m overwhelmed with other classes, so constantly creating these schedules and lists also allows me to better manage my time and ensure i’ll leave time for Cas work during my week. 

I think something that differentiates my project and can make it noticeable is that I’m truly working case by case and forming relationships with underprivileged families to provide their pets with veterinary care. This from my knowledge isn’t very common in the area, likely because it’s very time consuming and the impact isn’t as widespread, but I would rather ensure that the animals I help actually continue on to have a decent life and to be able to check in on them, then provide half decent care for many more animals. People I know that work with animals in our community mainly rescue abandoned or street dogs and then find them a home. And although there are vaccination and fixing campaigns where volunteers will go through towns to provide these services to families I’ve never heard of someone that works individually with each case and provides each animal with the treatment they need. This allows me to really ensure that the animals are not just getting a few hours of treatment but that they will have a better life after. This is a key point for my marketing because it would allow families that can’t afford care for their pet be aware that there is this resource available. 


Communication is definitely a key aspect of my project, from communicating with the families I’m supporting, possible adopters, people that might know areas that need help, to the vet. I’ve constantly been in contact through whatsapp with these stakeholders in my project but Ive also needed to use my verbal communication skills. A big part of this project is actually to find the families and pets that need help, explain my project and ask about their pets, then coordinate with them what I can help with. At first this was a little intimidating but as I’ve done it more and more I’ve become more comfortable and confident because people’s responses are usually positive. 

Lastly, to maintain my energy and motivation I try to remind myself as often as possible that If i’m able to make some of these pets lives better all the work is worth it. Challenges and obstacles can be pretty discouraging and make me feel like this work is pointless, but focusing on the positives keeps me dedicated. 

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