Night of the Arts/or not… :)

Eithel Sirias MSAmy CAS November 26,2021 What is your CAS project and how is it helping the community? My CAS project is to provide Snacks to students in La Paz that they really need, as we all know COVID happens and a lot of people stay without work. And their kids can not bring snacks to school. This helps the community because my project is helping kids to have snacks. And make sure they eat and have a good day. What are some interesting aspects of your project that you think people should know about? Something interesting about my project is how kids have a big smile on their face when I go and pick them up to take them to get their snack. I can see their emotions and how they feel when they walk with snacks in their hands. What do you need from the community? It will be super helpful if I can get more donations for my CAS project so I can choose more kids to provide them snacks as well. Deadlines or pertinent information that the parents can remember. You need to have a visual. You can have a video or presentation on your computer to highlight your project. Discuss 7 learning outcomes of CAS that are applicable to show the value of your project. Challenge & skills Working collaboratively with others Showing perseverance and commitment

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