So far during this project I have had quite a few obstacles, one is my struggle with organization. I have a lot of trouble with keeping my thoughts and ideas together as well as organizing event especially of a size like this. Fortunately I have a lot of help and support from friends and family to keep me on track. My partner in this project- Keylor helps make sure everything gets done on time and has been helping with writing emails for teachers and parents. Geyra has also helped me manage my time and stay focused on tasks in order to finish them.

Another obstacle I have been facing is this past week school was cancelled because of a breathing problem that has been going around at school which is super dangerous for young kids and people with weaker immune systems. As a result of this, we have not been able to have our dress down day to raise money, nor were we able to advance in our planning as far as we wanted to. Luckily we go back to school tomorrow and can start planning how to move around this as well as have or dress down day.

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