I recently discovered an artist I like, his name is Jonas Claesson. He draws and water colors animals surfing, and cool surfing landscapes, he also does screen printing which is a process I learned in my IB HL Art class with Miss Cat, which we also had a workshop on with Kayla Alexander in Atlanta. I fell in love with his art and I follow him on Instagram so I can keep up with all of his new prints. For my own screen print with Kayla, I was inspired by one of his prints to create a surfer girl.

Over break, I hung out with my friend Zoe. She brought her paints over to my house and I had purchased these mini canvases so we decided to paint. As usual, I was super indecisive and had no idea what I wanted to paint so I went on Pinterest for inspiration but didn’t really find anything. Then, I went on my Instagram and I looked at Jonas Claesson, that is when I got inspired. I decided to paint a wave kind of similar to one of his paintings. First I put all the colors and then the black outline. It took me a while to finish because it was really thin lines which took a lot of patience and concentration but I was stoked with my finished result!

Created By: Rochelle, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Save the mangrove

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