My 5 questions for my path were

  1. Where do you train your dog?
  2. How do you train you dog?
  3. Do you train your dog?
  4. Do you trust your dog?
  5. How well do you and your dog understand each other?

These help encourage others to talk about dog training and really how it can be done any where any how, you can have equipment to teach your dog agility, or you can just go on walks and use any tree, rock, hill to train them. You can hire a professional dog trainer to train your dog, you can train your dog with the help of a professional dog trainer, or you can learn how to train your dog online. Really as long as it is done properly and you and your dog create a great bond and trust the training is successful, there is no need for expensive indoor equipment.

My final question for my path video is “How well do you and your dog understand each other?”. I chose to use this question as the first 3 questions were very mediocre, that can be answered easily “I train my dog in a dog park”, “I give him praise and love” or simply “Yes”. The last 2 questions were more in the feels category, but overall, you and your dog understanding each other, your dog understanding what you expect from her and you understanding your dog to see how s/he is feeling is the most important.

I am anticipating that people will truly question if they understand what their dog is trying to convey and when, and they will see just how well their dog understands them, how well they understand their moods and commands. I do hope that it leads them to realize how great or how much better their bond could be and start doing more things together and start training more together.

Uploaded To: DOG BARK

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