Path Journal Entries

My 5 questions. 


What have you done for your community?

What is your passion?

How have you gotten your community involved?

What changes have you made?

How will you help the youth?


My final choice of question was the 2nd, ‘what is your passion?’ This was because I felt that it was the most open ended, and allowed for a greater audience to connect and relate, because while not everyone is able, or willing, to help the people around them or have gotten their community involved due to their circumstances, but everyone can have a passion, and for many people, it’s simply a matter of realizing they really enjoy something. For me, that happened to be woodworking, and how I incorporated that into helping my community was fairly unique, but this path will hopefully help those who don’t have such a passion to think about what they really enjoy, and how they can find that and use it to live a better life. In my case, my passion and project has the potential to help others find a place where they can explore and start to develop a similar passion to my own. I am hoping that by putting this question out there, I will inspire others to do something similar with interests they have, for their own communities.

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