What changes do you believe would make the world a better place?


This question encourages others to talk about the issues we touch on with this project which are many such as poverty, education, equal opportunities, traveling, experiencing a new culture and more.  They will be able to reflect and tell us how they hope to make this issue better within their communities.  


Did anyone ever open a door of opportunities for you?

 This question encourages others to talk about one opportunity that changed their life and what it was. Many more will be motivated to write about their life experiences and how that inspired them to continue dreaming. 


Can you call yourself a dreamer?


This question encourages others to really reflect on their personal life and dreams. Going back in time and thinking about that one thing they always dreamed of as a kid.


What was your first time on an airplane like?

This question encourages others to talk and think about what their first time on an airplane was like and being able to connect with others who may be experienced the same. 


So what about you? do you believe in equal opportunities?

This question encourages others to reflect on this huge theme of poverty and how it prevents children from having the best education possible. It makes others realize how limited in opportunities such as traveling they are and will make people discuss how to change this for those kids.   


Then explain why these help encourage others to think about your specific issue and start to have a conversation about it.


When coming up with these questions, I could really decide I specific topic because such a huge project like this takes into consideration many themes including education, culture, dreams, etc…These 5 questions that took me a while to develop are all questions that I consider inspiring and that will make people actually think about them and reflect about their lives. They will think about this project which revolves around so many important topics such as dreams, equal opportunities, changing a child’s life and preparing them for the future. It will start a conversation because people will actually stop and think about their life and their first time in an airplane, or their dreams when they were kids, or even just what their childhood was like. People will tell their own stories and many more will be inspired to do the same. 


What was the final choice of question and why?


The final question chose was: Did anyone ever open a door of opportunities for you? I chose this question because I feel like it would be the one that catches the audience’s attention the most. I feel like it would make them reflect on their life and tell their different points of view on the topic. 


Explain what you are anticipating the conversation to look like from this question and how will it help you move your project forward? 

I anticipate the conversation to be so genuine and sincere. I expect people to enjoy telling the story of what their first time on an airplane was like. What they felt and what was the experience like for them. I want them to connect with the project and with the kids at Cepia. I want them to really see all the positive aspects a project like this brings to a kids life. How it can change it for the better and motivate them to dream even bigger and aspire to be successful young leaders. I also hope that this project inspires more people to donate and do the same. 


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