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I have now started 12th grade, this was my first week back to school and it’s my final year of IB. For CAS class, we will work on creating paths for the Wonderment website. These are the  questions I came up with, to add at the end and create a conversation: 

  1. How are you protecting your local environment?
  2. How are you preserving the nature that surrounds you?
  3. How are you connecting with nature?
  4. What steps are you taking to become guardians of our planet?
  5. What steps are you taking to save our planet? 
  6. What steps are you taking to save our environment? 

This is my final question: How can you become a guardian to our planet? 

I think this question will make people reflect on my specific project because I am taking care of and giving back to the environment, which is my way of being a guardian of the environment. I hope my work and this question inspires others to have a conversation about environmental awareness and steps they can take to help out in their local communities. I chose that question as my final one because I think it refers to protecting the planet in many ways, not just saving a mangrove, but looking out how people can contribute in their own ways all around the world. I think this question helps my project move forward because as I need to protect my environment, I need to share this with others and show how they can help or inspire them to find their own ways to help, which is my goal to spread this project. I think it’ll help me move forward with my project because it’ll remind me of this goal that I have to focus on while working on the rest of the project as well. I can use what I learned in Business class, where we created a KanBan chart to keep track of the process of our IAs, and create one for the project so I have everything I need to do layed out, but I also have marked what is in progress or completed to see where I am at and celebrate what I have accomplished. I will post a picture of my business kan ban chart to show how it works and over the next few weeks work on creating one for CAS when I get a chance to with my partner Felipe.

Created By: Rochelle, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Save the mangrove

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