Perseverance and commitment! – Nov 28 2022

Perseverance and commitment! – Nov 28 2022

During this trimester I have been able to persevere through small projects that last no longer than a couple of weeks. However, when facing tasks that are long-term I have definitely struggled with motivation and perseverance. In the past, I have been known to have amazing motivation and work ethic, but these past two months have been difficult. For aspects such as school assignments, my perseverance is very prominent but when it comes to activities, specifically dance, I have practically given up. I have noticed that my perception of what is considered important has shifted affecting my active and creative life. I have slowly stepped away from extracurriculars or aspects of my life that make me happy to simply focus on school. Balance used to be the IB profile trait that I could connect to the most. I had a balanced social, active, and school life. I think the main reason my perseverance for activities such as dance has decreased is that I am no longer held responsible or accountable for coming to practice. In the past, my CAS project was tied to dance so I had extra responsibility that forced me to persevere through challenges I would have wanted to ignore. By quitting my dance team I am given more freedom to make my own decisions and show up to class when I want. Therefore I have negatively taken advantage of this and have continuously found excuses to not attend practice when I am feeling down or unmotivated. For the remaining of the dance season, I plan to improve my perseverance by getting more involved with my dance studio so that I am held accountable for my actions, therefore, forcing me to overcome my lack of motivation. This will get me back in the habit of finding a balance between school and activity.

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