Despite that these stakeholders are in different quadrants of the stakeholder map, it’s vital to maintain an effective plan of communication to maintain a solid project. How am I going to do this? To start off, Ashley Look is one of the most important individuals, within the stakeholder she’s positioned in high power and high interest because she is the mentor and acts as the boss of the youth center. Ashley is also older, and a guide for the group of teenagers that work at the youth center. She advertises the youth center through communicating with parents, individuals from the community and on social media. Ashley also teaches us how to do certain important things that will lead to success for Terraza, and finally, Ashley is always present at the youth center which gives us more motivation as well. Another very important stakeholder is Carolynn and Kevin, they are in charge of the financials, which is crucial to the maintenance of a business. We make sure to communicate with them every once in a while to make sure everything is good, and if something isn’t going well they will make sure to let us know, the communication between Carolynn, Kevin and the team is very effective. Another stakeholder that is crucial is our sponsor  Sharky’s, Sharky has allowed starting this project by donating a large sum of money which has helped tremendously. In the past, we haven’t had a very effective plan of communication but now that I have realized that Sharky’s plays an important role (high interest, high power), Terraza will start to communicate and update Sharky’s on the upcoming events and plans we have so that we can be on the same page. Grace, Cata, and Charly are students at la Paz and because they live very close to the youth center and were interested in being part of the project they have decided to become apart of it as well. Jade and I decided that it was a great idea to have more people join our project in order to move forward and generate more ideas, these students are smart, creative and caring which is what Terraza needs. We communicate every single day, go to meetings together and announce important events to the community, through maintaining this effective communication between each other, Terraza will be successful. Finally jade, my partner, and my best friend, and my peer that has helped me make this project grow, I decided to locate her on high power, high interest, because we have both started this project together with Henry, and we are the representatives of this youth center, communication is definitely a tool we need to work on because there has been confusion in the past between jade and I. 

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