Planning and initiating

What are the goals of your project?

  • Starting a Crypto and NFT investment club by March 3rd
  • Having at least 3 other investors that are in my club by the end of the trimester
  • Fully understand the online investment market to a point where I can teach others

What are the milestones that you will need to meet to obtain those goals?

  • Talk to Charlie Herman about what he had to do to start his club
  • Ask if I can use the IB lounge every Tuesday from 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
  • Announce my club in morning meetings, a little about what it’s about, and how good it is for college to encourage people to come and learn.
  • Have my first meeting on March Third
  • Have some of my students investing alongside me
  • Commit to independent research each week to have a new topic to discuss in each class

How will you know that you have succeeded?

  • Honestly if I have 2 or more people show up then I will call it a success. I have been working in this space for a few months now and would really like to be able to teach what I have learned to others. I believe that it is a great opportunity for kids my age to start learning about investing early because It will set them up with life skills for life.

What is needed this week to get you started? (marketing, meetings, emails, other communication, etc.)

  • Talk to Charlie Herman
  • Announce and encourage people to come in MM
  • Make sure I can use the space
  • Plan my first lesson

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