Planning & initiating (tri 2)

What are the goals of your project? The goals of my project this trimester are to reach more vendors and buyers, and really focus on marketing. Covid is not as big of an issue anymore, and now that the schedule is back and running, the main issue we are facing is not enough customers and vendors. Another goal is to get the whole system with the scholarship kids figured out and make sure we have enough funds to keep it running (we have decided to stop charging the vendors for the first few months in order to encourage them at our Feria). What are the milestones that you will need to meet to obtain those goals? The milestones I need to meet in order to obtain this goal is mostly promotion, and social media use. Another milestone would be figuring out activities and entertainment for the Feria for different weeks. This helps attract parents and students out of the usual. I also am interested in using the facebook app for promotion, where you pay a small fee and they publicize your post for many more people in your area (estimated 1-2 thousand). I need to meet with the team and suggest the idea. This would be super beneficial and attract more attention to our little Feria (and only costs about 5,000 colones).  How will you know that you have succeeded? I know that I will have succeeded when there are enough people each week at the Feria and I am not worried about the turn out! This is something I think about each week, and wonder how I can encourage it to return to the great success it was before Covid. I also believe that a big marker in my success will be if I can encourage my team to get more involved. I feel a lack of motivation from many of the parents involved and even myself, so figuring out how to bring that motivation back will be important. Many of us loved the Feria, so my biggest goal is to bring it back to what it once was! What is needed this week to get you started? (marketing, meetings, emails, other communication, etc.) For this to get started I need to arrange my first meeting with the Feria team. We need to go over the plan and our goals for this trimester and I want to see if anyone has any other ideas of the best way to promote the Feria. I need to ask what they think of spending a little money in order to reach a larger audience. I will first send a message to our group chat and find a time that works, preferably on Friday during CAS! 

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