Planning of Soccer Games

Game planning was not hard due to the games we played were friendly games, it was just Whatsapping the other team’s coach and getting permission from our school to have a game or leave early to play on another field. This will change once the tournament begins, we have to write a regulation that specifies what is penalized, how long penalizations are, sanctions, rules, and how the tournament’s points will be awarded. During the male's latest game one of them got a fractured bone in his arm, and another one got injured on his leg(no fracture) we had been planning to have an EMT in the field once the tournament starts but we never thought something like that would happen in a friendly game because of this we will be having a medic in upcoming friendly and competitive games. Friendly games have multiple purposes, one of them is getting to play opposing teams to allow the coach to see how we play in a real game and what the team should work on to be prepared for the tournament, we also get to see how the other teams are doing and which players we should have an eye on for upcoming games, date and time are selected at convenience for both teams always trying to take advantage of sunlight because else both teams would have to pay for lighting if the soccer field even has it.

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