Plans for continuing the project

The last two trimesters of CAS have been extremely successful for us and allowed us to grow as dancers and as humans. I have been able to teach kids and give them a space to enjoy dance where they normally would not have been able to do that, and that is super important to me as dance is my life and I love it more than anything. I have been able to collaborate with my friends and have very strong personalities. I hope to continue helping the arts. 

Goals for our project:

  • Figure out if we are going to do the stage project or if it is even feasible for us to take that on. 
  • Prepare and encourage the girls we were teaching for competition and make sure they feel ready and their solos look good enough to put onstage. 
  • Help them with the competition showcase. 
  • Figure out if we want to continue the CEPIA project. 
  • Undertake new challenges and grow through our experience. 

Milestones to obtain those goals:

  • Feasibility study to see if we want to try and build a stage at La Paz. 
  • Weekend rehearsals for solos.
  • Competition showcase on Saturday May 7th. 
  • Competition on May 14-15

How will you know that you have succeeded?

  • Make sure girls are prepared and motivated to go to the competition and feel confident for the showcase.
  • Have choreography finished and clean.
  • Make sure the girls have costumes.
  • Defined plan and clear path for our other projects. 

What is needed this week to get you started? (marketing, meetings, emails, other communication, etc.)

  • Meet with Gaby about Cepia and Solos.
  • Solo rehearsals.
  • Feasibility study for stage, with research and communication with Abel and La Paz administration. 

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