1. How do you express yourself ?
  2. Would you say you carry a designer inside?
  3. How often do you express yourself creatively?
  4. When was the last time you felt confident in what you were wearing?
  5. You’re a unique individual, would you dare to express your taste through a design?


  • I think these questions can help encourage others to think about creativity, and bring more awareness to how confident we can feel once we express ourselves. Through my CAS project I’m not just contributing to the scholarship program to open more opportunities for education; I’m also promoting confidence and self expression through fashion as all the girls are doing through their designs. These are all conversation starters, that will eventually make people realize how  important it is to express ourselves, and not just verbally but through clothing, art, maybe it’s your makeup, your hair… whatever it is that you feel confident about.
  • My final choice for the question is: You’re a unique individual, would you dare to express your taste through a design? 
  • I chose this one because I feel it’s the one that best portrays what I’m doing with my CAS project, but at the same time gets the audience involved and leaves them with a type of self reflection.
  • This question as a conversation starter: I’m anticipating this question to start a conversation about self expression and how we all have different tastes that represent who we are and what we like. I might have a similar taste to x,y,z person, maybe we have a similar personality, we may be interested in the same/similar things/activities. There’s a lot of room for this question to start a conversation, especially because it says “would you dare”. That may be another part of the conversation, because some people are more willing to express themselves than others, this might encourage them to not be afraid to show who they are.
  • I think this question can also help my project move forward because as I previously mentioned it bring awareness to the topic of self-expression. This can get people interested in how I was able to connect self expression with education and might want to contribute to my project.

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