Progress #2 – November 2, 2022

This past week I had a meeting with Miss Amy to discuss our ideas and plans for CAS night since it is approaching soon. We finalized some fundamental logistics such as where the event is being held. We decided to have the night at school as opposed to Gracia and will start at 4:30 instead of 5:30. We started out by discussing each of our visions for the event. Gracie and I had different ideas on how to set up the event, but after sharing we decided to use mine. We will set up tables as booths for every CAS project and a couple of Anchor Projects in a form of a fair. This way people can interact with all projects as opposed to being isolated in individual classrooms with 2-3 projects. I think our best approach would be to open the sliding doors of both the Spanish and Social studies room so that people whose booths are located in a classroom are not separated from each other. Tables will be placed in the compass room, Social Studies room, Spanish room, volleyball court, and basketball court. The raffle table would be located at the entry and the donation table within the fair. That way people can look at projects before donating and deciding on where to volunteer. Another aspect of the event we discussed was food and transportation for the evening. We went back and forth thinking about what food should be offered or if we should at all. We recalled a past community/school event where the school cafeteria provided food and decided that was the best option, so we emailed a representative. As for transportation, we wanted to provide a bus for students who need to stay behind but don’t have a ride home. Finally, we evaluated the marketing situation of the event. We realized that the school’s marketing team has not been posting anything on social media regarding the event so we sent a follow-up email. I went around the class reminding everyone to fill out their project descriptions and upload their photos to a shared google drive.

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