October 28, 2022: What did you do last week and how did it move your project forward? Last week I worked with Alexa to complete the Pictavo form and get our yearbook platform activated. We sent it back to Pictavo and they have now invoiced the school, and sent details to Miss Amy regarding the book. We should have editing access by next week! This means that we can start to put together the pages, we will do an outline of every page we expect to have including the cover which Isa has already designed on Canva. I also reached back out to Stephannie about the CAS/Anchor project night and told her (after much back and forth) that we will not be hosting it at Gracia. There was some confusion with the school, but now CAS night will be held at La Paz, date to be determined still. Lastly, I attended the Dia de las Mascaradas at school and took pictures for the yearbook. We also talked to our yearbook student committee about their roles this week and defined them more clearly. 

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