Progress – October 27

Over the past week, I have not made a handful of progress. I am in the stage of my project where I need others to contact me in order to move forward. In a discussion with my teammate, I was informed that CAS night will most likely be held on campus as opposed to a restaurant, so there will be a change in our approach to planning the event. As for the yearbook we have not held another meeting with the club because of our current stance. We do not yet have a Pictavo account so the meeting would be useless. This week we received an email back from Pictavo with a form to fill out that will allow us to access our account. Allen also responded with the information needed regarding budgeting. It took us a while to understand how to edit the form. Pictavo sent it in a form of a PDF which does not allow us to edit it directly. We finally decided that our best approach was to print the form and scan it once we are done. So this past week I filled out the yearbook form for Pictavo which will hopefully lead to our account being ready by next week so that we can arrange another yearbook meeting, assign roles, designate events and pages for the book and start editing the project.

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