Question Journal Entry

Are you capable of rolling up your sleeves and putting your hands to work?


-I really liked this question while writing it down because it is kind of telling people “Are you ready to start working?” which I feel could be effective because it is a call to action.


Do you really care?

It is asking people if they really care about the problem, and this simple phrase can evolve into something bigger, easily, because it is short and kinda sticks to your head, it could easily become a #DoYouReallyCare? And fly across the internet spreading the message about the problem world wide.


Do you really want to help?

It is basically saying the same thing as the first one, but in a short and memorable way. 

So it can create more impact.



Are you really trying to help?

Although this looks very similar to the last one, it is very different. Before we asked if they wanted to help, but now we are asking, are you trying, which can make a huge impact in today’s teens now that they want to be involved in everything that has to do with saving the planet. And asking them if they are trying can make them think if they actually are.


Are you really a part of the solution?

As we said before, teens want to be part of saving the world, it is basically saying the same thing as the last one but it sounds cooler and can impact in a heavier way because one thing i helping and another is resolving. 

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