1. I looked at Cloe’s Wonderment page
  2. Cloe’s Wonderment page helped me understand how the logos section has to be thorough and extend. It is also important to add the budget so potential supporters have a better idea of what our needs are and how to help. Cloe’s page is organized and I liked it a lot.
  3. After viewing Cloe’s page I thought about changes I had to make to my own. I worked on adding a description of what the La Paz Amphitheater project is, your goal and purpose. I also added Cane’s Wonderment username as a part of an owner in the project since this is a collective CAS between the both of us. I added important organizations such as La Paz Community School and Elevate Movement Studio under the supporters tab to have that recognition to those who will be involved in our CAS project. Lastly we worked on brainstorming the budget for the stage and included it in our page.

Created By: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Spread & Support Art

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