The core values that I have that inspired me to start Canopy Therapy is to work collaboratively with my community by providing a safe and fun space, which our project will do. As well as to show perseverance and encourage others to be the best version of themselves, I have faith that Canopy Therapy will allow individuals to reflect, and destress in order for them to be the best versions of themselves. 

My latina culture, especially my Argentinian side can sometimes get in the way of my rational thinking skills. However, latinas can be very driven when it comes to something we are passionate about, therefore, my culture could be a great tool to insure success throughout my CAS. 

My values so far haven’t been challenged by my CAS project. I just never thought so many people would be accepted to joining a project that Shana and I created. 

My main motivation that has kept me motivated throughout my experience so far has been working collaboratively with Shana, planning and setting goals throughout it all. Our first goal is our class field trip, and then after spring break have our project in motion and take the first group to canopy Pinilla. It is difficult to be motivated when I don’t see fast changes however, Shana is always there to help motivate me and keep us focused on our goals. I wouldn’t say that my culture affects my motivation, it does however sometimes affect the way I handle situations and that can then affect my mood.

Created By: Shana&Caro, Pinilla/La paz

Uploaded To: Canopy Therapy

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