Explain the steps that you have taken to start the project: 


Cane and I have emailed Tatiana about us wanting to start our project and the budget and support the school can offer so we can have a more accurate plan of our next steps. We have also spoken with Gaby about our CAS project so we can work together on ideas later on. We also finished our path video and are going to start planning what we will present on CAS night. We have both demonstrated our principal strengths by showing our leadership skills when working collaboratively with Ava, Hunter and Gaby and communicating about the project in the path video. 


Explain what will be done this week to move the project forward:


The next steps for Cane and I are to set up a meeting with Tatiana to have a better view of how much money we will need to fundraise. We will use our critical and creative thinking skills to come up with fundraising activities and therefore be able to have our budget and have a good start for our project. 


Explain an obstacle that you are encountering and how you will manage to overcome that obstacle:


An obstacle Cane and I are facing is using effective communication with the school administration that can guide us to have an outline of what is in our control and what isn’t. I will talk to Cane this weekend about the date and time of the meeting we need to have with Titania and what our main questions for the school administration are. 


Explain a success that you are feeling and how that is fueling motivation for the project. 

Attach a piece of evidence to show your work.


After completing our Path video we feel motivated because Cane and I can see that our ideas actually make sense together and it looks like we could actually make this project work. This CAS project will require a big weight of responsibility and determination and that is a risk we were willing to take because it is something that motivates and inspires us. Me and Cane work really well as a team and are able to balance eachother out which I am very happy about.  

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