Reflection on the 7 Learning Outcomes

Creativity, Activity, Service

December 2nd, 2022

Identify own strengths and areas for growth

What are the barriers to entry – or the obstacles that I need to overcome and how can I use my strengths to overcome these challenges?

One of my major obstacles/barriers to entry is finding a company that is willing to donate fabric scraps at either a free or low cost. Because I am not an official business or organization, it might be very difficult to be respected by clothing companies, and I will probably have to fight bias, because I am a high school student, to be heard. However, I have persistence, determination, and drive to really make this CAS project succeed. Because I have faced many obstacles in finding a CAS project that actually fits my interests and values, I think it has made me more determined to make this CAS project a success and that has definitely given me the will to not give up. I am passionate about this project and I desperately want to see it turn into a success, so I truly believe that I will face any obstacles or barriers with full force to move forward. 


Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

How do I feel about the planning process? What could I do differently to create a project that motivates me? What am I doing well? Explain

I feel very confident and excited about my CAS project itself, however I have yet to plan an activity for fundraising to gain money for my project. Because I am still uncertain about my budget and how much money I will need to fully succeed, I feel a little nervous about raising enough funds to make this project work. I do think one of my big strengths is motivation and excitement, so I truly believe that I will find the right activity and money to raise enough funds. Right now, I think I will start small with bake sales and reaching out to clothing companies for donations. I want to make sure that I do not slack off throughout this planning process because it is a very vital time for the success of my project. I think to be successful with my fundraising activities, I will need to create exciting ideas and maintain my motivation. 


Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

What challenges do I need to take on to start my project? How do I feel about these new challenges right now? How can I overcome the feelings that are barriers to getting things done?

Currently, my biggest challenge that I am facing is finding clothing companies willing to donate scraps to my brand. As well, because this is a new CAS project that is just taking off, I need to find the right messages I want to put forward, designs, and overall main goals that I want to see my project accomplish. Right now, I feel a little overwhelmed and uncertain if I will be able to receive donations at a relatively low amount and cost from clothing brands. However, I think to overcome this challenge, I need to start reaching out to brands to see if this is a possibility, and if it is not, I will simply find another source for clothing scraps until this works out. Also, I think a big barrier will be shipping to Costa Rica, but because I frequently go back to the U.S, I also think I can overcome this.


Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

How can my project be important to the world?

My project will be important because I want to show the world that you can creatively express yourself sustainably and while putting the right messages forward. We currently have a serious problem with global warming and fast fashion brands, and I wish to either make a change at the fashion norm, or be an example that is a possibility to make affordable sustainable clothing. Also, I think there is too much restriction and judgment in the world and I want to show my community and the world that we are all unique in our own individual ways and we can express ourselves through fashion without following trends and that our clothes can have a voice on who we are and what we believe. High School is a very restrictive time with a lot of judgment and pressure to fit a certain mold, but I want to show people on a local and global scale that fashion can be fun, unique, and personal to ourselves and that others’ opinions should not create who we are and how we present ourselves. I also want to show that women, especially young women, can achieve anything and we are all extremely powerful to make impactful changes within our world. 


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