Risk management in my project

Working with the environment can bring along many risks, here is a list of possible risks and what we can do to prevent them when engaging in the activities that are part of our project. 


If we enter the mangrove and start working without being aware of our surroundings, we’re taking a huge risk of destroying other species homes and habitats; such as ruining crab holes, etc. We can prevent this by minimizing the surface area that we step on and tamper with less of the mangrove. We can warn everyone about this before our activity so they aware and we can remind them while we are planting so they don’t do it.

Another large risk we are taking with our project is that the people who come help us, or ourselves, could potentially get hurt because there are sharp objects and surfaces in the mangrove, and the mud itself is really hard to work on so it is easy for accidents to happen. To prevent this we can bring pieces of wood to stand on, so there is less direct involvement with the mud which is where the danger can happen. If something does end up happening, we can assist them to get out of the mangrove and be treated. With the collaboration with ConnectOcean, they will help us provide trained medical assistance so we can be more comfortable at our events knowing we have expert backup in case of an emergency.

Following along with that risk, people can also get hurt from other conditions such as the heat and dehydration since it can happen when working in the mangrove since there is no shade. To prevent this we can make sure all the participants carry along their water bottles, wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses to prevent any sunburns, and have snacks for when they’re running low on energy. We can also bring more water and snacks in case they run out, so we really prevent any fainting or heat strokes. 

Last but not least, looking at it from a business perspective, a risk is actually doing the project because all the mangroves could die. No matter how much effort, time and resources we put into the project, it is likely that due to external variables like weather conditions, our project can fail, so that is a risk. To prevent this we can research and try our best, we are having to deal with this right now and it is highly stressful but we are trying hard to save these mangroves and help the planet.

Created By: Rochelle, Costa Rica

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