Scavenger Hunt! _ Grace Herman

June 23, 2019

Today we put on a Scavenger hunt at the Youth Center. Basically what we did was we had a list of things people had to do in town. For example, propose to a stranger, chug a milkshake at surf shack, etc. It was really fun! When we were planning this idea we didn’t think people would show up, but they did! We had about 25 to 30 kids that came, which is huge. I worked hard this week to tell people about it. I decided to focus on the middle schoolers and all week I was inviting them to come. I was really happy and surprised at how many people came that I talked to. One of my strengthens is making connections and relationships. In my personal opinion, I am pretty good and making friends and with this, I want to create relationships with these younger students and bring them to Terraza. I want them to be excited to come and hang out with us, the leaders. I want them to feel like Terraza is a place for them and to me, the only way to do this is to join them and be apart of what’s going on. Talk to everyone, invite everyone this is what I plan to do. Something I have learned from my mentor, Ashely is that the best way to create something is to have patience, determination and to focus on relationships and communities above all and that’s what I want to do at Terraza. I had so much fun talking to these kids and I hope/think they did too. And I hope that they come back. I think they will.

*Work collaboratively with others, Plan and initiate an activity, Identify strengths and areas for growth 

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