September 27th: Climate Change Strike

On September 27th, the 10th graders joined our class on a strike through Flamingo to protest against climate change. I'm really proud of my class because we managed to plan the entire strike the day before in just a few hours. We collaborated and communicated really well to organize it, and it made me feel like we were taking an initiative to stand up for what was right. Although we couldn't go very far because Miss Kerry didn't want anyone to get hit by a car (which is reasonable), I think it was still a good experience. We got to stand outside Agua y Sal with our signs and protest to all the passing cars while Cindy delivered a really cool speech about the importance of youth taking action against climate change. Even though I wish we could've gone to Brasilito, we still got a lot of cars to see our signs and to me that is more than enough. I'm really glad that the teachers let us go through with it and I think it was a great experience for all of us. I hope we can do it again sometime. Learning Outcomes: -Plan and initiate an activity -Work collaboratively with others -Engage with issues of global importance -Challenges were undertaken showing that new skills are learned

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