Dedication is one of the most needed aspects in order to be successful in your CAS project. In most cases there are always going to be many obstacles trying to make you fail, this could be intentional or not, but it doesn’t matter if it’s still considered an obstacle that blocks you from getting to your final result.


I have a little story to tell you, my project work for more than 2 months, I can’t say that it worked with no problem, I would be lying. The thing is that it worked, with small problems that needed small solutions, these were very fast to find. 


Summer came, and problems stayed. Mr. Abel decided to turn off my pump, the heart of the project, I can say he did this directly but at least he was the individual that put pressure on us, to basically turn off the pump. The reason? Electricity. The pump was turned 24/7 and it was consuming a lot of electricity which equals money.


At this moment my pump and my whole project is off, and anything is growing.


Ms. Amy told me to send an email to Abel, and tell him about my project etc. But then I realized that would not solve the electrical consume that the pump is using. So i decided not to turn on the project during the summer.  


But, I did something. I went to school multiple times during the summer,  with the objective of getting ideas, and seeing how to fix my problem. I talked to Alfonso, Toñito and Carlos and they gave me some ideas, like a chronometer.


This was my service reflection.

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