As far as my CAS project goes, there’s been a lot of progress over the summer!. I’ve met with the seamstress (dona Marlen)  throughout vacation and worked with her on the outfits. On wednesday I went to pick them up and today she sent me the last 2 that were left!. I am so happy with the progress all of the outfits are done. By that I mean are to the measurements and we have all pees to each outfit, yet there are certain items like shorts and shorts that are not 100% done, yet this is because of the fabric, we need to measure/tailor the dresses to each girl. This will be done the first week of school. I don’t have a specific day yet because I don’t know my schedule yet, so as soon as we get back to school, I already told Msrlen I’ll let her know and she will come and I’ll bring all the outfits to fit them on the girls. 

Before vacation on one of my journal entries I mentioned I was going to figure out the prizes for the tickets, yet I didn’t take into consideration that I had to think about expenses in general, so I’ve been talking to my moma and i have a very rough amount of how much, that being $15; but I am going to talk to more people to see what they think of the prize just to get other opinions. I decided to do it at the occidental hotel in tamarindo, and hopefully they will allow me to do it there, I still have to talk to them. Last year, the seniors graduation was there so I feel like now that they have already had a La Paz event there, they will be more willing to lend me the place. I am yet to talk to them I am planning on doing that this upcoming week because I have to email Gaby at the front desk and text Miss Kenia, this because I asked seniors and they said that both of them have the contact since they helped with the organization. When it comes to food I have ideas on the desserts I want to serve at the show, for this I am going to ask my moms friend who makes cakes, pastries and snacks for donations. 

The only challenge I am facing right now is money, I still have $200 left from the donation from wonderment, but this will go to Marlen since its $300 for workforce for the outfits. I also have $30 dollars from donations I got at the dog show, yet I don’t have any funds to pay for the place where the show is going to be at, I was planning on making a go fund me age, yet I had a lot of trouble figuring out the accounts in the states since I don’t have a bank account that the website accepts. My idea as a solution is to create a fundraiser as soon as I get back, this being a rafle, ask for donations to parents and on the la paz facebook page. I am also thinking of having a deal with the parents of the participants, perhaps if they donate as a sponsor of the show they get a discount on their ticket or get a free + 1. I am also thinking of asking family and family friends for donations and support for my project.

I am looking forward to finish the organization of my project and really excited to keep working hard to achieve my goal of supporting the scholarship program and provide the opportunity of education to many kids and teenagers of different communities.

A quick mention of service that I also did over the summer was cleaning the beach, Ms Kalah supports Barbara’s dog shelter and she walks dogs pretty often, she also fell in love with Paul a rescued pit bull that has been at her house for around 2 weeks, we take him to the beach and I take advantage of that situation to do some clean up, because there’s never enough help when it comes to taking care of our environment and preserving our oceans.

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