Service Part. 2

As part of the service that I did this summer break, I decided to continue working once the camp was over. So the following week I started working at the Hotel Brasilito as a receptionist. This was the first time I officially had a real job where I would get paid. I learned a lot and gained new knowledge that I feel brought me closer to the real world and showed me how to be an adult. I consider it was the perfect timing for this because around two weeks after this, I turned 18 years old. The age when you become an adult, when you realize that soon enough you will be on your own. So this definitely helped me understand why studying and getting a job is truly important and beneficial in our lives. During this time, I learned to be responsible, to be on time in the mornings, to deal with a daily routine and most important to interact with people. As the receptionist, I was in charge of answer calls, counting money, making reservations, informing clients, using different programs on the computer, being aware of what is going on in the hotel and I even learned how to do electronic bills, which is a relatively new trend in our country. I think that all these aspects were very interesting and fun to learn how to do. This definitely taught me new skills, but it also helped me improve skills that were already present in my life. I got to meet new people from different places, but most importantly, I got to learn about the lives of those who have been working in the hotel for several years. I have previously mentioned that I am known to be as a quiet person and I will admit that talking is not one of my strengths. However, having to talk to people in person or through the phone in a professional way, definitely helped me improve myself. Each day that passed, it would be easier for me when a call came in or whenever someone showed up in the front desk. I feel that this is an experience that I will never forget and that definitely taught me many new things, but most importantly it helped me discover myself. I found out that being a receptionist is not what I want to be in the future, therefore any sort of job that involves being in an office for hours will not be fun for me. I know that for some people whether your job is fun or not doesn’t matter, but what matters instead it’s whether you have a job or not. However, this has made me realize and think more about my future. I want to do something that I feel passionate about and that I will enjoy doing. I want to become an air traffic controller and you might think, well you will be in an office for several hours. For me this is true, but the big difference is that you have to be very active and aware of what is going on, you have to listen, talk to someone most of the time and spend some stressful yet fun time. I want to do something that will keep me entertained and doing something at all times. For this reason is that I am also happy that I am starting to get involved in different workplaces as it serves me as a guide to deciding what I don’t and do want to do with my life. 

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