Service Summer Journal – Aug 25

Before Summer started I had roughly planned to do a three-day dance camp over the summer with my teammates for the kids at CEPIA. We left the majority of the logistics done before school ended but as the date got closer I realized essential aspects that we should discuss before the camp but lacked the motivation to do so, especially because we were in different countries. The day before the camp started I met up with my teammates and we filled in the details of our schedule and planned out our activities. The first challenge we faced was that we had planned to use two studios and divide the class into groups depending on age. However, one of the rooms was occupied by our dance teacher so we had to work together to figure out how to combine the classes and teach at a level that everyone would enjoy and still be challenged. On the second day, fewer kids showed up so we decided to do one class for everyone again and kept that plan for the rest of the camp (even when more kids showed up). Another challenge we faced was the communication barrier between us as teachers and the Spanish-speaking kids. I could communicate and explain the movements easily in Spanish but the difficult part was getting their attention and maintaining it. When I spoke in Spanish it took longer for me to process what I was saying compared to English, so by the time I was done they didn’t care anymore and started talking to each other, especially the little kids. The big kids were super nice and helped me control the younger ones and elaborate on what I was trying to explain so that everyone could understand. Overall, I had a lot of fun with the kids. We taught them Jazz, Acro, and Hip Hop, played tons of games, and did some art. It was super cool to see them improve over the course of the week. They became a lot more comfortable on the dance floor, picked up choreography quicker, and managed to learn new moves faster. They also became more comfortable with me. They weren't afraid to talk to me ask questions, make jokes or play games which made the experience much more enjoyable.

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