SMART Goals for Yearbook and CAS night

CAS night: To hold an event at Gracia on October 19 in order to gain awareness for the CAS and Anchor projects at La Paz to the surrounding community, while raising $10,000 dollars and gaining parent/community volunteers for projects in need.

S: Present CAS and Anchor projects to the community to gain a better understanding, recognition, and volunteers.

M: Raise $10,000

A: Already raised about $3,500 in advance

R: The event will be a facilitator of community recognition for CAS and Anchor along with raising money.

T: By the end of the night (Oct. 19-20)


Yearbook: Edit and produce the 2022-23 La Paz yearbook with creativity and teamwork from other classes/students, while improving past mistakes and producing the book before the end of the school year.

S: Edit and produce the 2022-23 La Paz school yearbook, and have it printed before school is out for the year.

M: Printed before school is let out (early July) and earn the $300 to buy the editing program

A: Communicate with a group of student volunteers from different classes to delegate and help with the project.

R: There needs to be a yearbook! We want it to be a great one since it is our last year in high school.

T: Complete the project according to the due dates set, and finish the book BEFORE school is out for the year.

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