Stage feasibility study – May 6

By creating a feasibility study we were able to clearly state and agree on the goals of this project and what they mean. We established key milestones, benefits, and outcomes. As well as deciding on an estimated budget of $150,000 to build the stage including, construction, permits, and costs of architects. Overall I think this is a project we all really want to achieve but I do think that $150,000 is a lot of money and maybe a bit out of our reach. Considering this estimate I have already applied for a grant from the wonderment but before contacting specific investors we need to establish an exact budget that defines the costs of the entire project. In order to achieve this, we must contact an architect that is interested in and willing to help us. Once this step is completed we will be able to determine the costs of each product and process and prepare a fully completed proposal for investors.

Created By: Guanacaste Costa Rica

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