Stakeholder Analysis

Mission Statement: My mission is to provide a place where dog and owner can train to better themselves. I want to provide a place where dogs can train in agility and obedience and both dog and trainer can strengthen their bond and confidence.


  1. Healthy relationships with dogs
  2. Healthy dog lifestyle
  3. Trust

Stakeholder List 

  1. Ms. Amy Jacobs
  2. Alejandro Berkowitz
  3. Shari MacDonald
  4. Ms. Kenia
  5. Mr. Abel
  6. My Parents
  7. Dog Owners

Plan of communication:

  • Encourage
    • Make sure the stakeholders are in the loop about what is happening and the specifics, how the finances are, how the equipment is, let them know everything that is on the park itself and why it is good
  • Satisfy
    • Inform the stakeholders if they ask but in general don’t bother them and don’t make them angry
  • Inform
    • Let the stakeholders know of any changes/improvements in the project
  • Monitor
    • No stakeholders present

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