Stakeholder Map

Plan Of communication:  USA Embassy: Our plan of communication for this high power low-interest stakeholder is to be very formal in both in the meeting part, as well as the letters that will be sent to them so that they understand it’s an exchange project/program that the girls will be assisting. In the meeting, we will make sure that the girls are dressed formally and that know how to effectively respond to the questions asked.  Miss. Amy  For this stakeholder, we have always had a great effective communication with her. Besides her being our teacher and having as much power as she does, we don’t really notice that in our interactions with her. We have developed a friendly and respectful bond with her, which allows us to communicate easily with her. Our plan of communication for this high power high-interest stakeholder is to maintain a weekly communication. We will meet once a week to let her know how the project is progressing. We will let her know what we are doing each week and inform her about decisions that will be made in the project. We will also continue to have the respectful, effective communication we have been having with her since the beginning. We will also communicate via email when necessary.  Kristina:  Kristina is a Spanish teacher and coordinator of the Boston Cepia Exchange Program project. This stakeholder is located in high power and high interest. Our plan to communicate with her and the rest of the Boston team is to do it via email. The reason for this is because of the distance, we also will email them once a week because they can’t always answer due to their busy work schedule. We will be emailing them about the process of the project as well as will be discussing the logistics of the project. For example, we are emailing them about the letter and vaccine documents that they will be sent to us.  Liz Gorman:  Liz is the principal coordinator of the trip, she is located in the high power and high-interest square on the stakeholder map. At the beginning of the project, it was a bit difficult to reach her. She is a very busy person and therefore doesn't have much time to answer emails. However, we finally were able to communicate with her. We will be emailing her each week, to let her know what the next steps in the project will be, and how they can help us. We will also make sure we have a friendly and respectful relationship with her in order for the communication to be strengthened. We will also be discussing with her the logistics via email and through Abby which is the very important connection between them and us.  Host families: All though we still don’t know them, we concluded that these stakeholders have high power and high interest. So communication is crucial between us, in order to have effective communication we will present ourselves to them formally through a letter and let them know how grateful we are for them to receive us into their homes. When we are in Boston, we will make sure we always talking and building a trusting and special relationship with them. We will start to know the families a couple of weeks before we arrive in order to have better effective communication. As for now, we will be in touch with the Boston team in order to know our host families as soon as possible.  Brooklyn Highschool:  For this stakeholder, we have established that they fit under high interest, high power. Our plan of communication with them is through the Boston team. We will be emailing them once a week and letting them know how the project is progressing. When we are in Boston, we will try to maintain a respectful relationship with them in order to ensure effective communication.  Abby: For this stakeholder communication has been very effective. We have managed to communicate with her both in person and through email. We plan to continue to effectively communicate with her as we have been, trying to make the bond stronger and enjoy the project as much as possible. She is the only reason why this project started and therefore having a good relationship with her is crucial. We will continue to email her once a week and let her know how the project progresses as well as any details and logistics. Luis Felipe and Bernabe: Low power low-interest stakeholders. As they are the two senior students from our class that will be going with us to Boston, they must be aware of the dates of the trip, when we buy the tickets, any change of plans, etc. For this reason is that we will be keeping them updated when we have news, updates and any changes that might have an impact on them and their own plan. They are now aware of the dates of the trip, however, we still have to buy the tickets which could maybe change depending on the prices. Once this is done, they will be able to buy their tickets separately and we will be informed of their flight plan for example if they will be arriving at a different time than us and where so that we can arrange a plan for us to pick them up. We also have to communicate with them as they will be needing to meet the girls that we will be taking before the trip so that they get to know them and tell feel comfortable spending time with each other. We will be establishing activities and days to spend time together as a group and will be letting the boys know. Communicating with them will be easy as we see each other every day and can talk about this project whenever we have to. Grace and Carolyn Herman: Low power low-interest stakeholders. Grace is a junior student who is planning on going to University in Boston. Due to this, it will be a fun and a good opportunity for her to come with us on this exchange trip. We will need to meet in person with her next week in order to confirm her participation in this trip, inform her of all the details and logistics of the trip and get her on board with our project. Along with her, Carolyn which is her mom would be coming with us as an adult and chaperon of our project. This will help us have more organization when we are there and an adult we can go to if anyone is having a problem or concern. She is a member of our community that we already know, so it will make it easier to communicate with her. We will be talking to her and Grace in person and once everything is confirmed, we hope to make a group on Whatsapp not just with them, but with everyone that will be going on this trip. Miss. Amy Snodgrass: She goes under high-interest in low power. We were told that our previous teacher Miss. Amy S is very interested and would love to go with us on this trip. However, we haven't spoken to her about it as she has been very busy. What we plan on doing is send her an email to confirm that she will be going and talk to her in person so that she is aware of where we are at in our project. She must know this because she will be another adult/chaperon that will be with us during the trip. Allison and Nayeli: Both of these stakeholders would be under high interest and low power. These are the two girls from Cepia that are going with us on this trip. For the next two months, they are the ones that we will need to communicate with the most as we need to prepare them with all the requirements they need for the interview at the embassy. They must make sure that they fully understand this project and what we will be doing once we are there. Along with gathering all the papers they need to take. We have a group chat with both of them, which is where we communicate every time. We will also be letting them know when and where will be meeting with them to spend more time together, along with the day that they will be coming to school so that they get used to hearing English. Communication with them is crucial as they want to be informed of what is happening with our project and we must make sure we have everything ready regarding them for when the day comes. Ana Gretel: High-interest in low power stakeholder. She is Alison’s mom and we will keep her updated of any changes in our plans or if we need any information from her for the interview at the embassy. She also wanted to be involved in our fundraisers so if we need any help or are planning on doing some activity, we will let her know not just to help us, but also for her to learn and interact with our community. This way she will see that her daughter is in good hands and this is a great opportunity for her. Same with the girls, we will be communicating with Ana Gretel and the other mom through WhatsApp and hopefully through meetings with everyone that will be part of the exchange. Marcel: High-interest and low power stakeholder. She is Nayeli’s mom and similar to Ana Gretel, she also wants to get involved in this project and the fundraising aspect of it. We will be communicating with her if we have any news or if we need from her help. We do need to keep communicating with her as she is currently going through a divorce process in which we have to be aware of as it could influence the interview at the embassy. She will be informing us of this process that way we know before November if Nayeli’s dad would be needing to go or not with them to the interview. Again, we will be communicating with her in person during meetings but also through calls and WhatsApp.  

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