My values: Since I don't have a C.A.S project at the moment I can't necessarily say the value of my project but I can say what I value in a project. To me; trust, communication, interest and a good relationship is what I value most. I believe that trust is a very important value because it is was builds your relationship with your C.A.S leader and it affect the flow of your project. Communication is a key value in a C.A.S project because it is how you get things done, your reputation as a student in C.A.S depends on it and it influences the quality of your work.Another value to me is interest, this means that your project is something you genuinely enjoy doing and find a passion in. In my case I loved my last project, it was able to teach me things about myself and also always kept me engaged and fascinated. To me this is almost the most important value possible in a C.A.S project. Lastly, a good relationship is something I value, I have learnt the importance of this from personal experience, in the long run it ends up meaning so much and affecting how you view C.A.S., so it is important to focus on good relationships. My Stakeholders: Miss Amy Abriendo Mentes Soy nina Geneva Natasha Avrith Laeti Mr. Abel Dan Camila (alumni) Stakeholder map is attached. My communication plan is the following. Because I have Miss Amy and my mom who are high interest and high power I will communicate with them differently than anyone else, they must be kept up to date constantly and they are the most important to maintain and active flow of communication with. This means my plan will be to give them constantly weekly updates on my C.A.S journey. Abriendo Mentes and Camila are people with high interest and low power which means they also require different communication plans, they are people to keep informed but it is not as important to constantly do so. This means my plan will be monthly reports to either of them depending on my final project. Geneva, Laeti and Soy Nina are low power and low interest which means they are not similar to the past communication plans at all. They don't really require any communication unless either they need something or I need something. My plan of action will be; communication if necessary.

Created By: Alexa Toman, Costa Rica

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  1. alexatoman

    October 7, 2019

    Just realized the last like five lines did not post. These are them.

    Lastly Dand and Mr. Abel they are high power low interest, which also means they will have a different communication plan too. Because they do have high power over me it is important they are pleased with what’s going on in my project, therefore my plan of communication with them will be used to update them over longer periods of time (3 months).

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