Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping

In order to effectively communicate with all stakeholders I need to approach each of them in different ways. Geneva and I will communicate weekly through email and schedule meetings when necessary. Amy and I will speak at school or over email when communication is needed. This will happen around every week. She will also be able to see my progress through the wonderment. Due to the mass amount of women we help I only need to communicate with some, this will happen over the phone when the surveys are conducted. This will happen a maximum of two times. Due to my place in the CAS project I will not need to speak with the Paul Chester Foundation or Dr. Andrea. I will not communicate with any volunteers except Jimena and Julie. I will communicate with them when they seek me out, either at school or by email. I will also communicate with them before and during the insertion days. This will most likely be in person in order to help prepare them for the important day. However this plan of communication may change slightly if something occurs. Due to my close relation with the project I don't believe this will be difficult because it has happened in the past and is easily done.

Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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