Amy / Abel: High power and high interest, the way of communicating are through meeting and direct contact. With Ms. Amy, I can meet when we have CAS. With Mr. Abel, I would need to set up a meeting with him every time I would like to talk to him about the project because he is always busy.


7tH grade/Katy/Lucas: Principally through emails in order to organize collaboration between us. With Lucas and  Katy, I would communicate in order to organize meetings and events with the 7th graders. In case of the 7th graders, I would communicate through direct contact on the hall or when we do the events.


Kim: As principal donator that has demonstrated some kind of interest for the project, I would communicate via whatsapp where I can send updates with photos to show the progress.


Kevin: I would communicate via verbal communication,  principally when we have Bio and during snack or lunch. I would also be open to communicate via email.



Kenia: As director of the school they have huge power but high interest. I would talk to them verbally and give updates on the project.


Martha: As the IB coordinator she has a low of power and some interest. I would communicate via email.

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