Starting to teach choreography!

This last weekend on October 8th I began teaching choreography to my soloist this year. Her name is Kylee and she is 12 and this is the first time that I have ever been able to work with her. Because of this she was nervous and quiet at first but she is a strong dancer and picked up the choreography very quickly. I myself didn't have many initial perceptions because of this being the first time I had worked with her and I really had to just wait and see how it went as it went along which is hard for me because I like having everything planned out. I was able to get through half of the dance within the hour and by the end she had warmed up to me and was starting to be more confident in her dancing. The solo I brought to her was sharp, strong, and jazzy which was surprisingly exactly what she wanted which I now realize was good foreshadowing on my part as I could have gone a totally different way with the music and choreography. One challenge when working with Kylee is she is not as consistent as some of the other dancers in her group, for example this weekend she was not able to come to rehearsals and I fear that this will affect the process in the future. Luckily I have Gaby to help me in the communication with her mom when it comes to scheduling rehearsals. Even though there may be obstacles I am glad I have taken on this project this year because it gives me a way to expand my dance vocabulary and it gives Kylee a space to learn a solo that she can later perform and compete.

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